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The Bilingual Public Affairs Advisor is responsible for engaging with the Law Society’s government stakeholders to further member and public awareness of, and commitment to Law Society initiatives, and to ensure that the Law Society is informed about issues within the membership and stakeholders of relevance/interest.  In particular, the Bilingual Public Affairs Advisor will be responsible for all relevant communications with the Law Society’s Francophone stakeholders. Specific responsibilities include planning and participating in meetings, networking events and other relationship-building activities with county and district law associations, as well as with legal and paralegal organizations. This includes input into the policy development and issues-management processes. The incumbent is responsible for increasing the understanding of and advocating on behalf of the Law Society, its mission, goals, initiatives and services to all levels of government, in both French and English. The Bilingual Public Affairs Advisor will develop and/or understand the strong working relationships with all external stakeholders in the government and the justice sector to respond to complex inquiries and issues, exchange/report complex information and communicate sensitive information with regard to both the government relations agenda and the broader Law Society initiatives. An important facet of the role is to demonstrate the knowledge and judgment required to attend and manage complex and sensitive files.




  • An undergraduate degree.
  • The responsibilities involved in this position include building relationships and alliances with stakeholders, including being the lead for engagement with Francophone stakeholders, throughout the province and contributing to the implementation of Law Society initiatives. The incumbent is required to have a minimum of 5 years’ experience working in government, stakeholder relations or a related field.
  • Solid understanding of the Law Society, including organizational structure, services, mandate, rules and regulations, or willingness to learn.
  • Knowledge of law association structures and mandates.
  • Knowledge of political and government structures and processes.
  • Proficiency in computer word processing, e‑mail, and the Internet or Intranet.
  • Develops and applies complex information including creation of promotional copy and the design and editing of publications.
  • Ability to communicate fluently in both French and English is essential.
  • Knowledge of French linguistic rights and its application gained through practical experience.
  • Solid experience in working with the Francophone community gained through practical experience.
  • Fluent in French and accustomed to working in a Francophone environment




Client / Customer Service Planning


  • In conjunction with the Manager and other team members, the Bilingual Public Affairs Advisor is responsible for significant contribution to the development and implementation of the government and stakeholder engagement plan, and provides strategic support through the Executive Director, External Relations and Communications, for the Treasurer CEO’s and the Law Society’s outreach activities.
  • The Bilingual Public Affairs Advisor will be the lead for all government and stakeholder engagement with the Francophone community. 
  • Works with the Manager, External Engagement to develop and implement a focused outreach plan and will support bencher (i.e. Board member) outreach initiatives.
  • Will provide significant input to the Manager in the development and management of strategic responses to issues that impact the Law Society including research, analysis and proposed responses, drafting briefing notes and speaking notes and the Bilingual Public Affairs Advisor will assist in the identification and development of outreach and issues management strategies designed to further Law Society initiatives.
  • This individual will support the proactive and comprehensive government relations strategy and programs including information exchange and personal contact with key politicians and civil servants.
  • Planning initiatives will require development of working relationships with multiple level contacts across multiple Law Society departments to manage information and provide input for solutions to complex stakeholder issues. 

Client / Customer Service Delivery 


  • The Bilingual Public Affairs Advisor is responsible for the development and implementation of discrete projects as assigned by the Manager, External Engagement in support of the goals and objectives of External Relations and Communications, the CEO and Treasurer’s offices, and the Law Society as a whole.
  • Organizes and attends meetings with Law Society stakeholders throughout the province, focusing on French-speaking stakeholders, and works closely with the Manager, External Engagement, and other Law Society staff to coordinate follow-up services and activities.
  • Liaises with other Law Society staff, stakeholders and other provider organizations as necessary to obtain and to disseminate information and input about Law Society initiatives and issues of concern to the Law Society.
  • Participates in the development of appropriate communications tools to ensure that timely and accurate communications reach the intended audience(s), both internal and external.
  • Monitors progress and provides reports to the Manager, External Engagement as required. 

People Leadership


  • Creates partnerships with stakeholders and other organizations and provides leadership in the implementation of Law Society initiatives.
  • Presents information and expertise to support Law Society policies, programs and initiatives.
  • Manages complex public affairs relationships in both the government field and external justice stakeholders, frequently without supervision. 

Policy Development 


  • In conjunction with team members, identifies emerging issues, recommends the development of policy, content, resources and other initiatives to address these issues.
  • Contributes to the overall direction of Law Society policy, assessing and discussing priorities, member needs and accompanying strategies. 
  • Keeps stakeholders informed, and solicits their input on proposals for changes in policies and resources. 



  • Remains abreast of new developments in the practice of law and legal profession generally, and plans for the furtherance of Law Society policy and initiatives in conjunction with the ongoing improvement of all aspects of External Relations and Communications.
  • Engages in continuous gathering and analysis of complex information on strategies employed in other jurisdictions in connection with Law Society initiatives and as well, within stakeholder and government relations community, including having responsibility for all communications with Francophone stakeholders.
  • Complex understanding of government processes and structure to enable the construction of complex strategies for engagement with all levels of government. 
  • Will provide quarterly activity and intelligence reports to the Manager. 

Relationship and Alliance Building 


  • Forges strong relationships with stakeholder representatives (particularly Francophone ones) and other organizations serving the profession to identify issues requiring action by the Law Society, to build commitment to promote Law Society initiatives and to ensure appropriate coordination of service delivery to members. 
  • Ability to navigate layered and complex relationships with multiple Law Society stakeholders and government is essential. 
  • Frequently relied on to react proactively in unpredictable circumstances when in contact with Law Society stakeholders, or government.
  • Failure to manage in this fast-paced external environment poses high risk to Law Society reputation, could compromise the Law Society’s position and/or embarrass the Law Society and its leadership.



Service Orientation


The requirement to maintain a high standard of commitment, ethics, respect, care in service delivery to clients (internal and/or external).


Communication and Interpersonal Skills


The requirement to structure and deliver effective verbal and written communication with clients, staff, licensees, the public, and others in a non-threatening and constructive way.


Team Orientation


The requirement to share responsibility for the achievement of team goals and the associated behaviours required for individuals to contribute effectively in a team environment.


Continuous Improvement


The requirement to demonstrate an attitude that consistently strives to improve a standard of excellence for one’s self and for the benefit of the organization, its licensees and stakeholders.


Problem Solving and Judgement


The requirement to identify and analyze problems, determine root causes, evaluate alternative solutions and take and/or recommend appropriate solutions.


Technical Competence / Professional Knowledge


The requirement to apply knowledge and skills to carry out the work and/or provide advice. This also includes the quality of advice given, as well as the requirement to make decisions in the best interests of the organization as a whole.



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